What moissanite looks most like a diamond?

What moissanite looks most like a diamond?

Moissanite vs. diamonds. 

This is a question we are asked often considering that moissanite's popularity has exploded in the past year it is something we really need to clear up.  

First off, what is a moissanite?

Moissanite is a white, man-made center stone option that you will consider to be a diamond simulant. This means it is a stone that is supposed to give off the appearance of a diamond while not actually being a diamond.

It is important that it may not be everyone's intention to have other people believe they have a diamond instead of a moissanite.  Some actually prefer the appearance and eco-friendly aspect of a moissanite over a diamond. They appreciate the differences and are not afraid to show them off.  Also keep in mind the appearances of different shape stones vary and some moissanite cuts will look more like diamonds than others. Read more to find out about this popular and budget friendly stone option and whether or not it is right for you.

The Similarities:

Moissanite vs. diamonds Color

Moissanites come in the same color categories of diamonds. D-E-F colorless moissanites are the top grade and easily the most popular. If you want something with a bit more warmth you can opt for the Near colorless G-H-I color range moissanite.

Moissanite vs. diamonds Hardness

Moissanite is a perfectly suitable center stone for everyday wear. The Mohs scale of hardness measures the hard or softness of different minerals on a scale from 1 through 10. Diamonds are considered to be the "hardest" of center stone options, topping at a measure of 10 on the Mohs. Moissanite come in right around 9.5. They are slightly softer however still considered to be hard.

Moissanite vs. diamonds Shape

Certain moissanites will look less like a diamond depending on the shape they have. For example, oval cut moissanites from FuigeBach and more rounded whereas many oval diamonds are shown as more elongated. Depending on your favorite diamond shape, try to get the moissanite shape that appears most like a diamond, for oval, maybe opt for a custom cut elongated oval to make it more look realistic to a diamond. The same goes with cushion cuts. FuigeBach creates more square cushions whereas we see lots of people enjoying elongated cushion cut diamonds. We have ability to custom cut the elongated cushion as well.

The Differences:


Cushion moissanite ring

Moissanite will cost you a fraction of the price of a diamond. A simple moissanite ring can be around $2000 whereas a comparable diamond ring for the same size can be around $6000. Now even if you get a really intricate ring design, with a 3 carat moissanite center, that may cost you $6500, a comparable diamond ring can easily cost you $30,000 or more!


The main difference visually between a diamond and a moissanite is that a moissanite are about 30% more refractive than a diamond. In simple terms this means that they are visually more brilliant and will give off more sparkle than a diamond. Now this is not a bad thing! A little extra sparkle never hurt anyone ;)


Some people may notice the inner faceting of the moissanite appear different than the diamonds. Below we will link some videos showing them side by side so you can ascertain for yourself.

So do diamonds look like moissanite?

Absolutely yes to an extent! 

When looking at moissanite vs diamonds you may be able to pick up in the differences depending on the shape. However, they are quite subtle. Take a look at our online video gallery that show different diamond and moissanite shapes compared. When held alone it takes time to notice which one is a diamond and which is not. Side by side some characteristics can be more obvious. Overall, we find the average person may not see the differences. Someone with a bit more experience can tell the differences more quickly.

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